About Mako James:

Mako James is an art collective created from pure passion; a group of friends who decided to take their incredible lives to the next level. Our roots are the underground, which provide us with a cutting-edge and exotic approach to our artistic direction and expressionism. From breathtaking curated art exhibitions to live events, our style gives a lasting impression of inspiring creativity and a tactile approach to the ever-evolving vocabulary of art. 


The Mako James Collection is uniquely unforgettable, provocative and strikingly passionate. These aren't your improper art pieces that belong in boring lobby. These are extravagant fragments of life that have learned to walk from the streets that birthed them, and have learned to talk through the moments which have defined their mediums.  

Mako James partners with multiple artistic collectives and artists in Chicago and Buenos Aires. We have access to wide variety of mediums and an immense network of artists and creatives. Contact us to schedule a studio visit or see a piece of art in your home collection. 

About the Blog:

Artist / Writer Austin James has created a blog for on-going literary dialogue. Mako James is essentially his body of work and the blog represents a digital library of past experiences and artistic direction. Written entries focus on poetry, memories, and observations of life lived artistically. “The screen is my canvas, and I’m excited to express myself through this medium as well”.

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