Check out some of the great new projects coming out across the USA!


I'm very excited to start the month of with a tip of the hat to Expo Chicago, starting September 14th - 20th. This is a fantastic collection of galleries from all over the world that will be at Navy Pier. Click on the photo for more info! 


Young American prodigy Rodman Edwards is hoping to make a sculpture of a nude Bill Cosby in protest of his sexual assault allegations. This is an incredible example of art as a political vehicle. Click the image for the full story. 

Dreaming of Angels

Shanghai and Beijing truly are at the center of the contemporary art world. Click the picture for more information on this incredible lifelike installation piece by Beijing-based artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. 

North Korea

I wanted to share a couple of quick photos I shot at the Museum of Contemporary Photography yesterday. This is an incredible look at the Hermit Kingdom and it's portrayal to the outside world. 

You can see more information here

Move Your Body

The City of Chicago has just launched a masterful exhibition called "Move Your Body" focusing on the rise of House music in Chicago and across the globe from 1983  - 1998. This funky and soulful expose touches upon the true roots of Chicago's distinct sound. 

You can visit the exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center located at 78 East Washington, 2nd floor. Click on the photo below for more details.