Poor child, I saw destiny painted on your skin and I wanted to scrape it right off of you.

It was evident as zebra stripes, or Amazonian rainforest frogs.

I’d love to hide this cruel world behind your facade of love and cherry blossoms.

Distract you with digital smoke and mirrors as you are yet to understand the tidal wave you are becoming.

Yet, fate, fate has marked you. Like baby viper markings or freshly painted war planes.

There’s an equation in this world that turns the softest people into the most industrial steel.

Yet, no one warns you that the chemical reaction taking place inside you is as violent as the Earth moving against itself.

Emotion. Emotionless. Emotion. Emotionless.

-Austin James

I'm Just Not Satisfied:

There’s something silly I don’t quite understand about this Brave New World.

This idea of owning all of life; like this ecology was for sale. Like silk didn’t have an endless supply. Or it’s as if the Sun might be for sale.

I watch humans try to conquer the World Wide Web like it’s the new Africa. Exclaim arlgorityhmic theory to parcelize art and idealism. To give valuation to emotion and productivity metrics to compassion.

Yet, to me, its seems that inscribing and commodifying information; would be like a colony of coral demanding for it’s next color.

I don’t want a valuation of beauty.
I don’t want an architecture of beauty.
I just want beauty.

-Austin James

The Fern Room:

I’m sitting here in the Fern Room in the Lincoln Park Conservatory. There’s this sound installation by artist C. Lavender. They are using different frequencies to bounce ambient sound around to create an asymmetric acoustic effect throughout the room. The sound is pulling at you from different directions as it paces the room. It reminds me a of the calmer part of Aphex Twin.

I’m sitting across from a 200 year old tree, surrounded by prehistoric reanimated ferns. Looking at the intense biological system that is the equivalent of an international botanical orgy.

This room reminds me of all the good memories in my life:

  • Seeing Chicago for the first time when I was child.

  • Gaining a new perspective of everything at Burning Man.

  • My grandmother’s aging hands and wrist-watch.

  • Riding motorcycles in Malaysia.

  • Smoking weed in Shanghai to the Drive movie soundtrack.

  • The lines of Nazca.

  • The lushness of Mt. Saint Helens.

  • Notating my nephew’s red cheeks when he was born.

  • The pines of Canada.

  • Watching a humpback whale jump in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Doing Tai Chi over a lily-pond in a monastery in Zaoxi, China.

  • The hills of Africa.

  • The green grass of Oxford.

  • The endless nights raving in Chicago.

  • The greenery of my mother’s home.

  • The incredible heat of the equator.

  • Flying over Siberia.

  • Falling in love.

I never want to leave this room..

-Austin James