Work It Out Baby:

If I wrote love on every wall. Would you believe me?

If I wrote it enough, would you help me profit off of it?

Could these sweet nothings in my ear be the construction of my destruction?

Your words, like sucrose on my ears. Like agave my nipples.

Your actions, like the open air, beginning to turn to fall.

What do you know of life boy?

Life is work.

life is play.

Life is work.

I watched her and I wrote of you.

I watched her change the candle light like she was inventing electricity.

She dripped wax, like it was anthrax.

Drip drop. Like the early part of a hurricane.

Maybe this love was all a dream?

Like textbook evidence on realty.

Little did they know, when art is involved; the lines begin to blur. .

And I swear to you, I’ll leave my notes on life and love behind the ice cream store...

-Austin James
-Samuel Walter Keller

Austin Heredia

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