Yo, Kinsey:

Where do you exactly land on the Kinsey scale?

I’ve often thought of the idea of Kinsey and the moment of attraction. That moment, when you know it’s not love, it’s lust..

Is this a quantitative spectrum? Are there charts and graphs to attraction? to human connection? to orgasm? >>


Is this attraction strategic? Based on biological instinctualness.

Is this attraction instantaneous?

If I know anything in life, I know sure as hell know love is.

Like a scorpion sting.



Is there opportunity cost and the conceptual idea of resources allocated to this scale as well?

Because I’m not one for small talk.



No, none of these ideas interest me.

Because love… Love, love… is different.

It cannot be segmented, parcelized, ritualized, idealized nor advertised.

love… Love, love… is simply off the charts…

-Austin James

Austin Heredia

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