Up Down Turn Around:

What do you do with the people you didn’t get to marry?

You know, those soulmates that are tattooed onto your memories?

Do you play it coy?

Day dream about the world that should’ve been?

That one world that isn’t on fire and filled with casual obscenities.

Do you daydream about that that kiss being cemented into your future?

Do you explore your potentialities of the moment?

Wondering if they’ll be in the empanada shop?

Do you explore the intricacies of formalities?

Do you listen to the songs that remind you of them on repeat?

Like a intangible shrine of memories never consummated.


You get the fuck up and move on already.

And I swear my dear:

I’ll live this entire life alone if I can’t awake to the feelings your divine ecstasy and simple nature.

-Austin James

Austin Heredia

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