Esto Zoológico:

I was close to tapping out before I met you.

It was like I left my zebra stripes at home everyday to go to work at the hospice centre.

Watching my flesh submit to complex machinery dedicated to oxygen and quantitative measurements of the heart.

Living in streets lined with machine guns and lost desires.

Is this destiny or straight-up insanity?

Could two brothers believe in the truth of synchronicity?

In the importance of ecology.

In conquering the world.

Did the universe literally need to split my head in two for me to pay attention?

When you’re in an erratic state, it becomes necessary to use facts to navigate the world.

Life becomes an algorithmic ballet of truths and survival mechanisms.

Yet there’s something more at stake here, the chance to be vulnerable again...

The truth; I didn’t travel the entire world to get lost in nostalgia.

The truth truth; I’m still scared that the world will eat me alive for my soft heart and open mind.

If I told you lights of Shanghai would illuminate your soul, would you believe me?

If I told you the poverty of India would break your appetite forever, would you believe me?

Are we egotists or messengers?

Are we pioneers or thieves?

Are we botanists or firefighters?

Only the victors have the honor to mold the world.

-Austin James
- Samuel Walter Keller

Austin Heredia

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