Red Line #5330:

I watched a woman fall on the train and have a seizure.
It was a bewildering experience that left me cold on the edges of my clavicle.
She was laying there, plain as day, shaking violently in the middle of rush hour.

It was interesting to see the quick response actions of caring and honest people.
Not at all what’s portrayed in the day-to-day public sphere of our disconnected propaganda.

The most interesting part was when she was on the floor, her hand reached out to grab someone’s hand.
In a moment, you understood the simple truth.
It was a true moment of honesty.

To be in a state of repetitive unconscious physical attack, and yet in the subconscious,
still wanting to embrace another.

Simple. Honest. Horrific.

-Austin James


I’m on fire like the Amazon.
Burning with passion of what’s left of me in this world.
Sparring with the nature of humanity and the crescent lune of the symmetry before my eyes..

There’s a brilliance to this decay.
Like the fall leaves, I feel like I’m disintegrating while walking into the night.
Becoming a shadow in this architecture of city lights and LED screens.
Turning into the vapor I exhale and the tragedy I witness.

The Amazon is on fire.
The markets are crashing.
The space trash is accumulating.
Yet, in the wake of it all;
I can only recall your soft embrace.

-Austin James

Yo, Kinsey:

Where do you exactly land on the Kinsey scale?

I’ve often thought of the idea of Kinsey and the moment of attraction. That moment, when you know it’s not love, it’s lust..

Is this a quantitative spectrum? Are there charts and graphs to attraction? to human connection? to orgasm? >>


Is this attraction strategic? Based on biological instinctualness.

Is this attraction instantaneous?

If I know anything in life, I know sure as hell know love is.

Like a scorpion sting.



Is there opportunity cost and the conceptual idea of resources allocated to this scale as well?

Because I’m not one for small talk.



No, none of these ideas interest me.

Because love… Love, love… is different.

It cannot be segmented, parcelized, ritualized, idealized nor advertised.

love… Love, love… is simply off the charts…

-Austin James


I forgot how to care until you came into my focus.

Life was becoming more and more like a printing press.

A blur of paper money mesmerizing before my eyes, and the chronic sound of machinery beckoning to meet it’s next deadline.

There’s something worse than numb; blind and numb.

I saw a blind person smelling flowers the other day. It was an incredible testament to life.

The exoticism of the color was lost on him. The coordination of the ecology before him was beyond his description.

Yet, his olfactory receptors made the simplest impression on me.

I’m excited to use my senses again.

-Austin James

Dance Dance Revolution:

I saw you on the dance floor. Vacant and Spiritual all at the same time. It was if your skin was on hyperdrive and your soul was on standby.

Touting youth with your nondescript meaningless tattoos that highlight the failure of capitalism.

And that piss poor four-on-the-floor notating your disconnection from reality.

Long live the rave.

-Austin James