[✓] Graffiti

Los Angeles is known as one of the mural capitals of the world, and last year the city lifted a decade-long ban on public murals. The ban passed in 2003 inadvertently put an end to the rich culture and tradition of street art in LA. The city now allows murals through an application process which lets some of the best artists construct marvelous pieces through-out the city proper and more importantly, brings this ardent art form to more prominent areas of LA. 

The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles now handles the application process for new artwork. They even have a virtual mural tour on their website which gives you access to over 16 parts of Los Angeles, Santa Monica and even Orange Country. Along with this, they have continued their urban biking tours and school tours providing an in-depth look at this rich tradition in the City of Angels. Below you can see their fundraising efforts for restoring this 1984 mural entitled "Galileo, Jupiter, Apollo", by John Wehrle.


Austin Heredia

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