Chicago is known for its cold, cold, brutally cold winters. What's not so known is just how much fun we have in these brutally cold winters. This year marks Chiditarod IX. The mother of all food drives, bar crawls and whatever else you fit in-between those two categories. The rules are simple... the first team to stumble across the finish line with 50lbs of non-perishable food donations with an intact functioning shopping cart wins.

However, teams of drunken ninjas, cross-dressing air line stewardess (thanks for the Early Times) or Pac-Mac personified might get in your way. After 9 years of racing, the rules have gotten a bit more strict. Apparently, u-locking a shopping cart is considered a misdemeanor and cutting a shopping cart is now a no-no. 

All in all, the event was able to bring in over 1,100 people in attendance, over 20,000lbs of food donations, and more than $36,000 in donations for the Chicago Food Depository and the Chidtiord foundation. 

Our very own Mako James artist Michael Egon Schiele took the wonderful pictures above. Pictured here at the amazing volunteers and organizers that make it all happen. You can see more of the amazing event and incredibly dressed teams at

Austin Heredia

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