Artist: Christopher Breedlove 

Artist Statement:   

Navigating the modern landscape where both human and machine have become ever more intertwined, my creative impulse becomes my rudder.  Exploring the synthesis of organic and digital forms, I use a mix of mediums and new technologies to arrive at my final product.  I believe that the work of mathematics and science are the mechanism to manifest the magic we see in our collective human dreams.  Mystical nature is what drives us forward to explain the phenomena of the universe that we do not yet understand, or have not quite achieved.   

    Marshal McLuhan reminds us that as a species we experience reality looking into the rear-view mirror and that we march backwards into the future- exploring only what's just been created as we pass it on.  He argues further that it is the artist that holds the power to discern the current environment and to parry the violence of new technologies with full awareness.  My most basic effort as an artist is to interpret my experience into the creation of forms that are mirrors of myself; a mix of molding between hand and machine, the act of magic blossoming into science, an image of a bright future where technology and nature merge to create superior forms.

- Christopher Breedlove