ARTIST: Lorca | Cryptid kid


Artist statement

I am fascinated with the neurological mechanisms behind which one experiences one's surroundings and one's body as "real." That is, I am interested in how such mechanisms misbehave, as they do for me - a person with chronic depersonalization and panic disorders.

For me, sensory stimuli rarely coalesce into a sense of certainty that my external environment is "real." I experience my own bodily and emotional reactions to my surroundings - especially in social situations - as a fragmented collection of discordant sensations. To organize these perceptions into any coherent sense of reality is a constant process of critical analysis, creative style, dumb recklessness, and blind faith. I make collages to practice.

Collage is an exercise in arranging jumbled, decontextualized pieces into scenes and bodies which possess continuity, relationality, and meaning. I adore my creatures' ambivalence: coherent characters paradoxically generated from repeated acts of overlay and rearrangement, out of pieces which plainly bear the marks of being violently displaced and changed - through slicing, ripping, or burning. I adore the tension and ambiguity their forms suggest - as if suspended in a moment of interrupted metamorphosis. In them I recognize my own experience of body and environment. In recognizing, I can understand and I can alter and I can act.