Artist: Jorge Pomar

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Jorge Pomar aka Amor

Buenos Aires, 1987

In the early 2000s Pomar got in contact with graffiti and muralism, disciplines that led him travel the world in pursuit of his research and development as an artist. Jorge works on diverse themes, such as as vexillology, geometry and nature, focusing in the study of color across multiple disciplines: murals, drawings, ceramics, installations, photography, video and printed publications.

He has completed artworks in public space and exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden and United States. He now lives and works between Paris and Buenos Aires, where he studies with Diana Aisenberg. In 2015, Pomar presented “Trece cifras”, a three year documentary about his trips around the globe. 

Pomar was selected to be part of the Mako James collection for the incredibly playful yet intriguing commentary his work provides. Internationally focused and experienced, his portfolio and experience in the Buenos Aires arts community aligns with our consistent storytelling and artists represented. 

Previous Art Shows:

Solo Shows - 

2015 "$1.800.000.000.000", curated by Enzo Campos Córdoba, Alpha Centauri Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013 “SURF 2012", curated by Omar Ramos, La Friche Gallery, Paris, France

         “SURF 2013", De Lo Efímero Gallery, curated by Omar Ramos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Group Shows:

2015 “Life”, curated by Trystan Bates and Camille Cousin, Club Cultural Matienschon, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 “Joint”, Mundiroff Gallery curated by Victoria García and Mercedes Lozano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013 “Regards sur l´Argentine", curated by Martin Reyna, Espace Jeunes Anne Frank, Paris, France

         “POP UP Galleries 2”, curated by Christian Riffel and Lucas Zambrano, Red Bull House of the Arts, Caffarena 86, Buenos Aires, Argentina

         “SAL 1”, curated by Clara Ríos and Ailin Staicos, La Fábrica, Buenos Aires, Argentina

         “Honeycomb Folio Sessions", curated by Trystan Bates, Caja Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012 “Art argentin: d´une génération à l'autre", curated by Martin Reyna, Maison de l’Argentine, Paris, France

          Centro de Arte Moderno, curated by Dani Umpi, Montevideo, Uruguay

         “Street Art", curated by Lucio Savant, Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes de Luján, Argentina

         “Papeles, Conciencia Crew”, curated by Omar Ramos, Club Cultural Matienschon, Buenos Aires, Argentina

         “Sedimentos” G13, curated by Dolores Casares, Club Cultural Matienschon, Buenos Aires, Argentina

         “Ejercicios", curated by Oscar Smoje and Alicia Candiani, Proyecto ACE, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2011 “Sin título” G13, curated by Dolores Casares, This Is Not A Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

         “Feria en el pasaje", curated by Dolores Casares, Pasaje 17 Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

         “Dibujos” Conciencia Crew, curated by Omar Ramos, Bahrein Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2010 “1.618”, curated by Co-Nekt, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

         “The Buenos Aires Affair", curated by Martin Reyna, Maison de l`Argentine, Paris, France

         “El relicario", curated by Ernesto Mallo, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

         “Traces", curated by Dolores Casares, Pasaje 17 Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina