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From afro-pop legends, punk bands, to fire spinners and all the way back to rockstars; Philip A. Solomonson A.K.A. Philamønjarø has photographed over 1,500 live performances.  He has had the incredible privilege of connecting with others through his diverse repertoire of photography. Truly a driven photographer, he has spent years developing his signature style through intuitive composition and timely preparation. His talent has also allowed him to photograph incredible music legends from The Who to Beats Antique, Chicago Symphony Orchestra to Patti Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers to Robert Plant.

Phillip endeavors to inspire the divine creative spark in others, like so many other creative types that surround him, he must create art. Through fulfilling this purpose and his life-long passions working in and discovery of the performing arts, music, visual design, metaphysics, the humanities, history and media. When Phillip is using photography as his medium to express himself, he states "I am in this flow of ‘now’, the world is magic, limitless, timeless and awe-inspiring."