Talley Phillippe-McLain

Artist Statement:

Art is not always a calculated science with traditional variables and mediums. It can be loose and erratic, impulsive, and completely spontaneous. I believe I create art to exercise a muscle that can become stronger with practice. A muscle not found on the charts on diagrams of the cadavers that lie before modern society. Creating feels like a door is opened through my heart and energy is rushing through; in which, I am conduit. In this transformative experience, I allow patterns to develop on subconscious and then conscious level. The energy of creativity is an always moving river that I can dip my hand into and drink from. That I can follow toward its end; always separate from it and it always on my skin. The process of developing myself as an artist involves allowing my learned behavior to fall away and my abstract mental processes to control my output. 

I prefer multi-media when creating visual art because it is so subtle, detailed, and realistic. I like using the words coincidental meaning which can be reflected back onto itself. In this my medium is to describe the world through materials I collect. From notes or pictures I find while using public transportation, or in the back of an old book, I prefer letting my inspiration and materials used in my artwork to come to me in a matter of begging to be used and expressed. The experience is like switching the roll of the creator and the medium; I try to let the objects and trinkets possess me and organize themselves, or the instrument play me.

When I was in therapy I remember internalizing the idea that anxiety is worry about the future and depression is a focus on the past gone wrong. Having strong habitual thought patterns that make you think compulsively or distract you from the present moment, which can cause all mental discord. Expression is the act of analyzing yourself and your experience; and this is the purest way of learning and existing. It is an expanding practice, and it is a highly therapeutic exercise. My inspiration can be from a completely internal source, or it can interact with the external. My art is a spiritual celebration of my emotions, my path, and my culture. I am simply a conduit of these factors producing a series of work that I hope defines this undefined muscle in my rib cage. 

-Talley Phillippe-McLain