Artist: Lynn Tsan

Click each image for more information and full size images of the original pieces.

Lynn Tsan is an multiple interdisciplinary artist currently residing in Chicago, IL. She studied art for two years at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and holds an MA in journalism from the University of Southern California. Her work has shown in several galleries in Minneapolis and Chicago and is held in numerous private collections. 

 “Squares” is a series of digital drawings comprised of many images combined to create a graphical collage. A single collage contains from 9 - 81 separate pieces. The final piece is a study of complexity. Influenced by a love of color, architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Op artists and well told stories, she strives to make complexity accessible. 

 Her work often starts as a digital drawing hand drawn with a mouse. No two squares are alike (with the exception of Match Game). The drawing is then analyzed to decipher elements as discreet collage pieces and is reinterpreted as an assemblage collage piece using materials such as paper, board, wood, metal, glass and acrylic.