Zac Franzoni

Artist Statement:

"I like to listen to The Rolling Stones when I paint. I move and sing along with the music, my nervous system responds accordingly and by the time I come out of my trance, there is a painting lying on the floor in front of me. Art isn't something that I like to pretend to know what it means, or where it comes from. It comes out of me and ends up on the canvas; it's simply my relationship with the paint represented in physical form.  My art is about two things – intention and truth. I intend to make a pretty picture you can hang on the wall, and I paint it, truthfully, without the influence of ancient traditions or established rules."

Zac Franzoni is an abstract and surreal painter from Chicago, IL.  Often mixing in imagery of landscapes, hazy figures, primordial ooze and medical slides - his work borrows from Pollock and Roberto Matta - and mashes it all together into a vibrant web of modern life.

-Zac Frazoni